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Puncture Repair

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Your car moves with the help of your tyres, and without them, your vehicle is just an unmovable box. Therefore, proper health of the tyres of a car is vital. Modern drivers are fully aware of the importance of tyres, and this is the reason they are keen to buy branded and highly durable tyres. Manufacturers also are making high-quality tyres for the buyers. But, both the car owners and manufacturers have an effective strategy to cope with difficult situations that may occur due to tyre punctures. Therefore, even a high-grade tyre may get punctures on a busy road, and you may see yourself on the side of the road, trying to fix the problem.

For such unfortunate incidents, we, at Phillips tyres, have developed a team of well-trained and experienced mechanics. Our professional workmen are highly efficient in puncture repair and other car-related services. Thus, if you find it difficult to fix the problem created by your tyres, just visit us and let our team assist you with the help of our ultra-effective puncture repair Oxford service.

What should you expect during a puncture repair service?

We are willing to serve you whenever your tyres are damaged due to any sharp objects present on the road. Objects such as nails, debris, and railroad tracks pierce the tyre’s tube, and then, your tyre needs immediate repair to avoid serious outcomes in the future.

When you come to our well-equipped garage, our professional mechanics will remove your car’s tyre from its wheel as the first step. Once the tyres and wheels are separated, our mechanics examine your tyre for any holes or signs of damage by using water spray. The affected area in the tyres will show bubbles and signify the puncture in that area.

After this process, the mechanics remove the sharp object like a nail that is stuck in the wall of the tyre’s tube. Our repairmen will end the process by sealing the damaged area with the help of a sealant.

If our mechanics find your tyre is beyond repair due to the seriousness of the puncture, we will advise you to replace your tyre.

What are the reasons for a tyre puncture?

Sharp objects

This is the primary reason for a tyre puncture. When you drive your car, any sharp object may get stuck inside your tyre’s tube to cause mild or serious damage.


You invite frequent punctures, damages, and blow-outs if you keep your tyres overinflated.

Tyre bead leakage

If your tyre’s bead is damaged, you are more likely to incur punctures than normal because of bead leakage.

Risks of driving on a punctured tyre

  • Repairs and replacements cause more expenses
  • Less control on the vehicle
  • Threat of accidents
  • Risk of slipping and skidding
  • Failure in the MOT examination
  • What should you do to avoid such threats?

Unquestionably, visit our auto garage

Do not worry much! Since we, at Phillips Tyres, are an affordable and permanent solution to your tyre-related issues. Come to our garage and be a witness of our exceptional tyre puncture service.

Simply call us, at, and book an appointment for yourself. We are open from Monday to Friday, between 08:30am to 05:30pm, and 08:30am to 04:30pm on Saturdays.

We are also open on Sundays, between 09:00am to 01:00pm.

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