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Syron is one of Germany’s most revered tyre manufacturers, known for their quality, structural integrity and wide variety. If you are looking for Syron car tyres, you are at the right place. At Phillips Tyres in Oxford, we store most of Syron’s products, including winter, summer, all-season and high-performance tyres.

Syron was one of the first major brands which mandatorily adhered to the EU tyre label recommendations on decibel count and rolling resistance of tyres. One of the primary reasons why Syron car tyres are so well-known is that it has won many championships, mostly at the highest levels of competition.

Why choose Syron car tyres?

There are many reasons why people in Oxford and other parts of the UK choose Syron tyres. Here are the most significant ones:

  1. Internationally-recognised quality: Syron tyres are manufactured mainly in Germany. In those instances where it is manufactured in other countries, Syron delivers quality mainly via partnerships and technology transfers.
  2. High standards of quality control: Syron has been a beacon of the global tyre industry partly because it has set very high quality standards. One of the reasons why Syron car tyres last so long is because they are tested thoroughly across various climatic conditions and simulations. Syron has won the German award for QC- the TÜV- many times due to its consistently high standards.
  3. Value for money: One of Syron’s tyres- the Everest 1- has been awarded the ‘best value for money’ model by two independent and class-leading quality control-centric magazines ‘Promobil’ and “Lastauto Omnibus.’ The Everest 1 has also received accolades mainly because of its extremely low amounts of rolling noise.
  4. Environment-friendly: Most of our clients at Phillips Tyres who visit our facility at Oxford are great patrons of environmentally-friendly tyres. Syron promises a greener performance every time thanks to the incorporation of the EU tyre label’s prime elements and Syron’s proprietary BlueTech technology.
  5. Glorious past: Syron has been the winner of many memorable motorsports victories. The ‘Gräff Team’, one of Germany’s most talked-about drifting teams, has achieved record wins in world drifting events when using Syron’s Race 1 Plus model. Syron has a remarkable variety of tyre models in the UHP segment too, including semi-slick tyres.

Buy Syron tyres at Oxford

Phillips Tyres is an official Syron tyre retailer and has a fantastic team of technicians who can help you decide which model to buy. Our inventory stores almost all products from this manufacturer.

You can visit our facility on any working day. You can even buy Syron tyres online right from our website.


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