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Wheel Balancing

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You should reconsider your priorities if you do not include wheel balancing service in your routine maintenance checklist. Wheel balancing is one of the most important car repair services. Perfectly balanced wheels ensure improved performance for your car. Car wheels lose their balance due to a number of reasons, and immediate action is required to regain wheel balance with the help of an authentic wheel balancing service.

We, at Phillips Tyres host a plethora of mechanics that are trained to balance out your wheels in an adequate proportion so your safety never becomes a second priority.

What does wheel balancing mean?

Wheel balancing is a critical service that enhances the performance of your vehicle. It is all about even combined weight of wheel and tyre on the axle. A perfect balance of the vehicle is vital when you drive the car at high speeds.

Our garage advises you to check your wheel balance every 10,000 miles. It is more necessary if your car frequently runs on harsh road conditions. Moreover, our mechanics put the wheel on the wheel balancing machine and spin it properly to identify the defected area that is causing an imbalance. After the mechanics have determined the area, they add weight appropriately to the tyre to make sure all the tyres of the vehicle have equal wheel balancing.

At Phillips Tyres, our trained professionals can assist you if you are concerned about wheel balancing Oxford. As a car owner, you must have proper knowledge about the reasons that are responsible for imperfect wheel balancing.

Major reasons for an imbalance in wheels

Improper wheel alignment

Driving on unfavourable road conditions is a major cause of misalignment in your car’s wheels. Moreover, if you do not maintain your tyre properly and do not visit a garage to check the alignment of your wheel, the misalignment of the wheel contributes to the imperfect wheel balancing.

Sudden impact of heavy objects:

It is necessary to check wheel balancing after hitting any heavy object, kerb, or pothole on the road. Bumping the car into such objects affect wheel balancing.

Loss of wheel weight:

Losing wheel weight is a common cause of wheel imbalance. It is possible when you drive your car at high speed and hit any kerb, speed bump, or a pothole.

Cold weather:

Choosing winter tyres in the cold weather is vital for the wheel balance, since cold air may cause tyre deflation. The deflation in the tyres may further cause inappropriate wheel balancing. 

Possible risks while you drive your car on imbalanced wheels

  • Negative effects on car handling
  • Extra pressure and stress on suspension components and wheel bearings
  • Damaged steering components
  • Premature wearing of suspension and steering components
  • Speedy wearing of the tyre tread
  • Decreased fuel efficiency
  • Frequent punctures in tyres
  • Increased braking distance
  • Increased maintenance cost

You can rely on our extraordinary wheel balancing service

We invite you to test the level of our high-grade wheel balancing service. Simply mail to us, at, and book yourself an appointment slot.

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